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Services Offered at this Location

  • Whole Body Cryotherapy

    Whole body cryotherapy is a safe, pain-free treatment that cools the exterior layer of skin with sub-zero blasts of air for up to three minutes. The treatment promotes significant, long-term benefits, both medical and aesthetic.
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  • Infrared Therapy

    Infrared light (experienced as heat) is the invisible part of the sun’s spectrum (that does not contain harmful UV rays). Infrared saunas are an effective tool for natural healing and prevention and regular use has a cumulative effect on the body. Our saunas are specifically designed to promote a deep, healthy and natural detoxifying sweat.
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  • Compression Therapy

    Compression therapy uses compressed air to massage your limbs, mobilize fluid, and speed recovery in the legs and hips.
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  • IV Therapy

    Trained medical professionals will prepare and administer customizable intravenous vitamin therapy and treatments aimed at helping the body function at its optimum.
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  • Injection Therapy

    Injection therapy is a quick and effective way to get the benefits offered by one of our special vitamin formulas. They only take seconds to administer and the benefits lasts for days.
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What is whole body cryotherapy? It can be said to be the process through which the entire skin is exposed to extremely cold temperatures of below –100º C. This concept was introduced in Japan in the late 1970’s and it later grew popularity and spread to Europe and USA.

The Japanese invented whole body cryotherapy as a method of relieving pain and inflammation on a person suffering from a chronic condition. However, in modern day its uses have evolved as it is being used in some spas by those who would like to maintain their youthful appearance among other reasons.

How does Whole Body Cryotherapy work?

Scientists developed a way through which liquid nitrogen could be used to expose the skin to very cold temperatures. The person seeking to get the treatment enters into a cryo chamber, where the procedure will be done from. However, the more skin exposed to the cold the higher the chances of the treatment being a success. This, therefore, means that it is encouraged for one to have minimal clothing as they get in the cryo chamber.

A person’s head is left outside so that they are able to breathe in and out. The body then goes through rapid vasodilation and vasoconstriction. This, in turn, leads to numerous physiological changes such as an increase or decrease in production of some hormones in the body. There is a rejuvenation of damaged cells by the body.

Benefits Arising from Whole Body Cryotherapy

There are numerous advantages that follow whole body cryotherapy. These include;

  • It boosts the body’s immunity. There is an increased white blood cell production during this process. White blood cells as we all know helps the body fight against germs and diseases. Levels of the hormone leptin also increase, leptin plays a key role in improving one’s immunity.
  • Secondly, the procedure leads to an increased blood circulation in the body. This is beneficial in that more oxygen and nutrients will be absorbed.
  • In addition, this process effectively eases pain being experienced in the muscles and joints. It has been said by scientists and researchers that the procedure also helps to treat different kinds of muscle pain.
  • It also leaves a great change on the skin. The process leads to an increased collagen production which visibly reduces signs of aging like wrinkles.
  • Athletes can immensely benefit from whole body cryotherapy. This is because it speeds up the recovery process by producing anti-inflammatory hormones.

How does One Feel after going through it?

After getting done with the procedure, once the body adapts back to the normal room temperature, one feels greatly relaxed. In addition, a person who had pain in the muscles will feel the pain reducing. The great news is that the body will just go back to functioning normally.

Type of conditions or ailments that it helps

As stated earlier, the procedure greatly helps athletes to recover from muscular pain and reduces inflammation. Men end up getting a boost in their testosterone levels. Additionally, the process helps to relieve pain for those suffering from dermatitis, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoporosis. In conclusion, if you have not tried it yet and you feel it might help why not give it a chance?

What Is Compression Therapy?

Compression therapy offers a simple yet efficient way of increasing the blood flow activity (especially in the lower limbs), by strengthening vein support. It is a prevalent practice of wound care which gently applies adequate pressure to the legs and ankles by wearing a specifically designed stocking. This specifically designed stocking or sock will eventually stretch out the vein walls, improve overall blood circulation, and overcome the problems of swelling and venous insufficiency.

Compression Therapy – How Does It Work?

The general compression therapy kits include a robust control unit with additional attachments that provide effective benefits to your legs, hips, and arms. The system uses the compressed air methodology to mobilize fluid, massage your limbs, and foster a speedy recovery. Keep reading the following sections in order to reveal how a compression therapy kit works.

The standard compression therapy kits are aimed to enhance blood flow and offer a quick recovery. However, there are three major techniques that can maximize your recovery (as described below).

  1. Pulsing or Dynamic Compression: The advanced compression therapy kits now use pulsing or dynamic compression. This is a patented technology that effectively mimics muscle pump of your legs and arms. Additionally, it enhances the movement of both fluid & metabolites (out of your limbs) after an intensive workout.
  2. Gradients: The lymphatic vessels and veins feature one-way valves which prevent fluid backflow. In a similar manner, the cutting-edge therapy kits and control units hold pressure in order to prevent fluids from getting forced in a wrong direction. In this way, these medicinal kits can deliver an optimum pressure to each and every zone.
  3. Distal Release: The extended static pressure may prove to be quite detrimental when it comes to the natural or normal circulatory flow. Keeping this into consideration, the specially designed therapy kits release the excessive pressures once they’re no longer needed (simply to prevent backflow). Thus, by effectively releasing the pressure, your limbs will experience the maximal rest-time (without any significant pause between each compression cycle).

Who Can Enjoy The Benefits of Compression Therapy?

People that are suffering from the chronic venous disease are the primary candidates for the remedial compression therapeutic technique. A chronic venous disease arise when the patient witnesses an increased pressure strain in their leg veins. The chronic venous disease may occur if a patient has recently experienced any one of the followings:

  1. Leg surgery or injury
  2. Obesity or excessive weight gain
  3. Blood clots inside the veins

What Is the Final Benefit?

Without an effective measure, the chronic venous disease will lead to future issues. One of the biggest side effects of this disease includes spider veins or dilated veins. Dilated veins will eventually drain your limbs, produce heavy periods of fatigue, or lead to a sudden burst of pain. In such scenarios, compression therapy will be the primary and most effective source of treatment which can alleviate aching & loosen constriction between vein walls.

The Bottom Line

If you are suffering from the following leg complaints, such as venous insufficiency, tired, aching, or heavy feeling legs, leg swelling, varicose veins, lymphedema, or post-thrombotic syndrome – it’s recommended to undergo compression therapy for a speedy recovery.

Infrared saunas are among the newest advancements within the field of consumer technologies. They are relatively inexpensive and energy conscious in comparison to the more ordinary saunas. They are tailored for prevention of illnesses as well as natural healing and stress relief. They are also more heart healthy in comparison to other forms of heat treatment. They are also used to detoxify the body of potentially harmful substances. In this regard, they are mostly used for therapy purposes around the world.

This is because infrared light is able to permeate human tissues as opposed to ordinary light. This ability has caused these saunas to be lauded as having anti-aging properties. It also contributes to the healing properties of these saunas as well as anti-stressing qualities. Another way that it works is through detoxification and aiding with weight loss programs. It is noteworthy that they can function even in low temperatures and this is different from the traditional saunas which were characterized by increased temperatures.

Infrared Sauna Benefits

There are several benefits to be had with the use of these facilities. As previously mentioned, they are touted to have anti-aging properties. These can be especially invaluable in the present day given the rigors of life which induce stress and early aging. Furthermore, the importance of aesthetic appeal in the present day cannot be gainsaid. Another benefit of these saunas is the aforementioned medicinal properties of infrared light. Since these can be used in therapy, natural healing and prevention of further illnesses, the benefits of these facilities are greatly highlighted and explored.

Infrared saunas do not cause increased temperatures within the surrounding as the light penetrates the skin and creates heat from within. This prevents the undesired discomfort associated with ordinary saunas. Furthermore, the heating process occurs at a noticeable faster pace than ordinary saunas. This benefit is also of great importance as it implies a greater energy consciousness. Since they can operate at low temperatures, it is conceivable that they can be tolerated by more people including those averse to extreme heat.

These saunas leave one with the feeling of rejuvenation, uplifting as well as cleansing. These are all beneficial seeing as the present day is rife with distressing situations. The healing properties of infrared light mean that the patrons of these saunas also experience some semblance of recovery, albeit on a personal scale. This is also dependent on whether the individual was firstly ill to begin with however. Admittedly, several of these feelings are abstract and subject to personal preferences and predispositions.

What do Infrared Suanas Help with?

Infrared saunas can help several particular medical conditions. Firstly, the infrared light penetrates the skin creating heat which releases toxins like free oxygen radicals which are precursors for conditions such as cancer. The parasympathetic healing qualities of these saunas also make them applicable for stress management. The healing properties of these saunas can also be used to expedite the post-workout recovery sessions. This is through their application in joint and muscle support as well as pain reduction. Infrared saunas are very conducive in today’s life in giving comfort and relaxation.