Compression Therapy in Milwaukee

How does Compression Therapy work?

Air compression systematically squeezes the blood from your extremities (Feet/Legs) into your core. The boots deflate after about 30 seconds, allowing the blood to flow freely. The cycle repeats itself over and over for the duration you are in the zero gravity chair.
  • Helps with sore, fatigued muscles
  • Helps your legs feel refreshed
  • Helps get rid of built-up metabolic waste in the muscles
  • Increases blood circulation

When should I do it?

Compression therapy can be done at any time of the day. If you do it before exercise, it acts as a warm-up by increasing your circulation and helping you feel energized. If you do it after exercise, you are using it for recovery.

Can I do WBC and Compression Therapy together one day? If so, which should I do first?

Doing WBC and compression together is a great way to feel reenergized and get those muscles recovered! We recommend you do the compression therapy before you freeze. The compression therapy will bring the blood into your core and the freeze will help remove the impurities from the blood. So they are a great combination to help refresh your legs.

Who should not do Compression Therapy?

Anyone with Blood clotting issues.

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