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Services Offered at this Location

  • Whole Body Cryotherapy

    Whole body cryotherapy is a safe, pain-free treatment that cools the exterior layer of skin with sub-zero blasts of air for up to three minutes. The treatment promotes significant, long-term benefits, both medical and aesthetic.
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  • Infrared Therapy

    Infrared light (experienced as heat) is the invisible part of the sun’s spectrum (that does not contain harmful UV rays). Infrared saunas are an effective tool for natural healing and prevention and regular use has a cumulative effect on the body. Our saunas are specifically designed to promote a deep, healthy and natural detoxifying sweat.
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  • Compression Therapy

    Compression therapy uses compressed air to massage your limbs, mobilize fluid, and speed recovery in the legs and hips.
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  • IV Therapy

    Trained medical professionals will prepare and administer customizable intravenous vitamin therapy and treatments aimed at helping the body function at its optimum.
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  • Injection Therapy

    Injection therapy is a quick and effective way to get the benefits offered by one of our custom cocktails. They only take seconds to administer and the benefits lasts for days.
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  • Hydra Therapy

    HydraFit Water is more easily absorbed at the cellular level thus “super hydrating” your body. It also acts as an antioxidant, scavenging for and neutralizing harmful free radicals.

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Whole Body Cryotherapy is an advanced therapy procedure that uses extremely low temperatures to eliminate inflammations and pain while simultaneously improving athletic performance and recovery. The skin is exposed to temperatures between –200℉ and –250℉ for three minutes consequently stimulating the nervous system which causes peripheral vasoconstriction. Subsequently, the body dramatically becomes adaptive and responds by reducing any present pains and inflammations.

This recovery and performance improvement technique was first introduced by Japan’s Dr. Yamaguchi in 1978 as a method of treating patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). The word cryotherapy is derived from two Greek words “Kryos” meaning cold and “Therapia” meaning cure. He concluded that a rapid short-term freezing of the skin resulted in a release of endorphins.

How It Works

Once in the cryochamber, the skin is exposed to these low temperatures of between –200℉ and –250℉. The skin will respond by decreasing the body temperature by 30 to 50 degrees. This 2 to 3-minute exposure will cause the blood vessels to constrict and dilate at the same time. This activity forces other body systems like the nervous, circulatory, and energy meridians to respond. The chamber uses liquid nitrogen to lower the temperatures. However, a person is never in contact with the gas. There is no general perception of the extreme cold since no air moisture or air currents exist. This treatment ensures that one’s body reacts to the cold but does not allow the cold to create an uncomfortable feeling under the skin.

How It Feels Afterward

The body releases endorphin hormone during the sessions. This hormone is responsible for creating a good, positive, and energetic feeling. This is made possible since the person exhibits cell rejuvenation, detoxification, a boost on the immune system, and general body healing. Athletes who are part of this treatment experience increased endurance levels and fast healing rates after intense training without pain afterward. As a result, they can do intense training and practice more frequently to achieve their maximum potential. These enhanced feelings could extend for several days since the last session was done.

Benefits of WBC

  1. Reduces inflammations

When ice is placed on a bruise, it significantly reduces inflammation. On the other hand Whole body cryotherapy reduces inflammation on the entire body.

  1. Improves performance

Athletes prefer whole body therapy since it helps them recover from injuries almost immediately. Since the muscles and joints don’t get frozen in the process, the athletes can begin their training immediately and with increased strength.

  1. Increased metabolism

The body will typically take more energy than expected to heat up the body to optimal temperatures. As a result, almost 500 to 800 calories is burned within the 2–3 minute treatment.

  1. Reduced fatigue

This treatment reduces chronic fatigue depending on the person. Some may experience relief for a few hours while others may experience it for days.

  1. Enhances collagen

Wrinkles can disappear after a completed session. It rejuvenates collagen which rejuvenates the skin.

Major Conditions and Ailments Targeted by WBC

Whole body cryotherapy may help in the alleviation and treatment of conditions like:

· Chronic fatigue
· Depression
· Mood disorders
· Immune deficiencies
· Fibromyalgia
· Hormonal imbalances

If one has:

· Chronic inflammation
· Inadequate energy
· Elevated toxicity levels
· Slow metabolism

Similarly, if one wishes to have better skin, improved blood flow, improved recovery and performance, and to lose weight, WBC is an excellent choice.

What is compression therapy?

Compression therapy is a simple yet effective means of increasing blood flow activity in the legs by wearing specially designed devices that support the veins in the legs. The compression that these devices provide prevents blood from pooling in the veins. As a result, there will be an increase in your overall blood circulation and this will help clear any leg swellings that you may have.

How does compression therapy work?

The compression devices improve the signs and symptoms of various venous conditions by providing a graduated compression that eases leg swellings and discomfort. Once they are put on, they allow a graduated constriction to begin at the ankles and work its way up the legs. They serve as replicated muscles that provide pressure to the contracting areas of restricted blood flow, allowing veins to loosen up and thereby reducing pain.

What are the benefits of a compression therapy?

The pumping action of the compression therapy devices mimics the body’s natural muscular movements and provides the following injury recovery benefits:

Less swelling – Swelling and inflammation are not only painful and uncomfortable but can also inhibit the healing process. A compression therapy will help reduce the leg swelling, especially when combined with cold therapy. You’ll be up and running in no time!

Reduce edema – Excessive fluid buildup can also inhibit the healing process as well as slow down the range of motion if the injury is near a joint. The compression therapy devices will help reduce this excess fluid in the legs.

More nutrients – Compression therapies will help stimulate the flow of lymph fluids which carry nutrients to damaged tissues. The lymph fluid is also important for eliminating waste from the injured cells and tissues. This function will help speed up the tissue regeneration process.

Improve oxygen levels – An injured tissue will require oxygen for the healing process. However, swellings and inflammations can inhibit efficient blood flow. With active compressions, your blood flow will increase, thereby enhancing the delivery of oxygen to the damaged tissue.

Faster tissue repair – The combination of reduced leg swellings and efficient delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the injured tissue will ensure a rapid repair and faster healing process.

What complications can a compression therapy help with?

Compression therapy is used as a treatment for many complications. Active compressions will be most beneficial to people with the following issues:

  • Aching, tired, and heavy feeling legs
  • Varicose veins
  • Leg swellings
  • Venous insufficiency
  • Healed venous ulcer
  • Post-thrombotic syndrome
  • Lymphedema
  • Active venous ulcer

It is always recommended that you consult your physician before wearing the compression devices, especially if you have any kind of arterial circulation problems.

What are the best devices for compression therapy?

The RecoveryPump is a must-have compression device that effectively increases the venous return which accelerates the body’s re-absorption of elements that are causing soreness and fatigue in the leg muscles. It also eliminates metabolic waste faster than any other mode of recovery!

The Normatec Pulse Recovery is also a great compression system that will promote quick recovery between workouts by improving circulation and reducing soreness in the legs.

What is IV Drip Therapy?

IV Drip Therapy is quickly becoming one of the best ways to deliver the nutrients you need straight to your bloodstream. Generally speaking, an intravenous (IV) therapy is an infusion of liquids into one’s vein that serves to distribute medication, vitamins and other supplements throughout the body.

How Does IV Drip Therapy Work?

IV infusion is administered to patients who wish to recover ASAP. If you’re feeling fatigued after a workout, hung over from a night of hard partying, fighting off chronic conditions, or are affected by a slew of other health problems, then IV therapy may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

The Benefits

Delivering the needed nutrients directly to the bloodstream presents some notable benefits that aren’t present in oral or intramuscular administration. For example, an IV drip of liquid vitamin C can raise blood levels up to a hundred times more as compared to the person taking vitamin C orally. This kind of administering does not present any side effects; rather, the potency of it is greatly increased when it comes to nourishing the body and the cells.

The cocktail of nutrients, minerals and vitamins quickly circulate in and around the bloodstream in an efficient delivery platform. You’ll instantly notice the effects as soon as the IV drip enters your system. You won’t need to wait for the nutrients to be absorbed by your stomach. Plus, you get hydrated immediately, which cures hangovers and the like.

IV drip therapy bypasses the need for the nutrients to pass through your stomach and intestines. Higher doses of beneficial nutrients will no longer cause problematic side effects such as nausea, diarrhea or cramping, which often presents itself when an individual takes too much vitamin C, for instance.

Studies have proven that an intravenous infusion has a greater potency than any other method of infusion. High concentrations of these fluids are needed for the body to make use of them in the best way possible. The same amount of concentrated liquid is simply impossible to ingest orally, and are not as effective because most of the nutrients are lost along the way.

What Patients Feel Afterwards

Remarkably, IV drip begins to take effect as soon as treatment starts. Individuals feel invigorated, energized and feel much better during and after the therapy. The effects can last for days, or even weeks on end. The good thing about IV drips is that it can be customized according to what the patient wants, as there are many types of nutrients that can be delivered this way.

The Types Of IV Drip Therapy

Here are just some of the things IV therapy can help with:

  • Improving metabolic functions.
  • Greater energy.
  • Weight loss.
  • To stave off chronic fatigue, illnesses, etc.
  • Curing IBS and other digestive issues.
  • Helping with erectile dysfunction.
  • Strengthen your immune system.
  • Cure for hangovers.
  • Anti-inflammation solution.
  • For combating the effects of aging.

IV drips can be customized accordingly. If you want relief from hangovers, migraines and other chronic illnesses, an IV drip technician can recommend the best blend of nutritional fluids for you. If you wish to recover from a workout, or need an infusion of B vitamins to look and feel younger, then an IV drip therapy can work wonders for that specific need. Best of all, it doesn’t take more than an hour to gain the effects of an IV drip.

An infrared sauna uses light to generate heat as opposed to a traditional sauna where heat is used to warm the air. This air in turn warms your body. Infrared sauna is commonly referred to as a far-infrared sauna. In this case, “far” is used to mean the position of the infrared waves on the light spectrum. The infrared sauna directly heats the body without having to warm the surrounding air.

The motivation behind saunas in general is that they stimulate body reactions like those stimulated during a light physical exercise. These include increased heart rate and vigorous sweating. After penetrating the body, the Far infrared waves activates the sweat glands. The mission behind the sweating is to get rid of toxin from the body through sweat. The skin, being the largest human organ, offers a large surface area for elimination of toxins from the body. The human body is made up of 70% water molecules. When subjected to far infrared waves, the molecules start vibrating. The vibration weakens the ion bond between the water molecules and the resulting disintegration of water molecules. This generates sweat which comes out with toxic materials and encapsulated gasses.

The full spectrum is made up of the near infrared, the mid infrared and the far infrared. Near infrared has the shortest wavelength and is absorbed just at the skin surface generates sweat that contributes to healing and revitalization. Mid infrared is a much longer wavelength and is able to go deeper into the soft tissues of the body. This increases blood circulation and makes oxygen readily available to injured areas. Far infrared has the longest wavelength hence has the greatest impact.

An infrared sauna activates the sweat glands at a relatively lower temperature compared to the traditional sauna. This makes it more convenient to people who are non-tolerant to the high temperatures associated with traditional sauna.

Health impact of Infrared Sauna

The sun is the main source of energy. Living organisms need this energy for their growth and survival. However, not all energy from the sun is beneficial. Excess of this energy may end up damaging the skin. Infrared heat carries all the benefits of sunlight without presenting any harmful effects associated with solar radiation.

Health experts have for many years recommended the use of infrared heat lamps as a ready and easy source of infrared therapy. However, these lamps are more cumbersome, produces excess and uncontrolled heat and extremely difficult to maintain constant temperatures. It is the ineffectiveness of the infrared heat lamps that has led to use of Infrared Saunas.

The deep penetration of the infrared waves ensures complete circulation of blood around the body. This ensures that the body has enough energy to sustain body metabolism. This explains why one feels rejuvenated and energetic after coming into contact with far infrared waves. The following are some of the health benefits of using Infrared Sauna:

  1. Detoxification

Sweating in the body’s natural mechanism to get rid of toxins making Infrared Sauna an important part of detoxification. Infrared Sauna eliminates seven times more toxins compared to traditional saunas.

  1. Relaxation

Infrared sauna helps the body to balance the level of cortisol which is the primary cause of stress. This enables you to have complete relaxation. The heat generated also allows the body muscles to relax. The heat also reduces tension in the body hence allowing you to de-stress and relax.

  1. Relief from pain

Infrared Sauna relieves several forms of body inflammation including joint pain and muscle aches. This is achieved by increasing the level of blood circulation and muscle relaxation.

As opposed to other therapies, no adverse effect has been reported from the use of Infrared Sauna. As opposed to heat produced from microwaves, infrared is very safe. Of all the energy produced in infrared sauna, only 20 percent is utilized to heat the surrounding air. The remaining energy is used in heating the body.

The temperature in an infrared sauna can be adjusted and average comfortable ranges are between 100º F and 130º F. The lower temperatures are designed to make you sweat and put up with the longer sessions hence able to draw more therapeutic benefits. A typical sauna session lasts between 25 and 45 minutes which can be repeated so as to maximize the health benefits. As opposed to convectional saunas, infrared saunas leave you invigorated.