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Services Offered at this Location

  • Whole Body Cryotherapy

    Whole body cryotherapy is a safe, pain-free treatment that cools the exterior layer of skin with sub-zero blasts of air for up to three minutes. The treatment promotes significant, long-term benefits, both medical and aesthetic.
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  • Infrared Therapy

    Infrared light (experienced as heat) is the invisible part of the sun’s spectrum (that does not contain harmful UV rays). Infrared saunas are an effective tool for natural healing and prevention and regular use has a cumulative effect on the body. Our saunas are specifically designed to promote a deep, healthy and natural detoxifying sweat.
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  • Compression Therapy

    Compression therapy uses compressed air to massage your limbs, mobilize fluid, and speed recovery in the legs and hips.
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  • IV Therapy

    Trained medical professionals will prepare and administer customizable intravenous vitamin therapy and treatments aimed at helping the body function at its optimum.
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  • Injection Therapy

    Injection therapy is a quick and effective way to get the benefits offered by one of our custom cocktails. They only take seconds to administer and the benefits lasts for days.
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What is whole body cryotherapy?

Whole body cryotherapy is an innovative yet powerful cold therapy treatment. It involves exposing the skin to temperatures that are between –200℉ to –250℉ for a period of up to three minutes. For decades whole body cryotherapy has been used to treat inflammations and pain closely associated with chronic conditions such as rheumatic disease. It is safe, pain free with long term benefits for both aesthetic and medical use.
How does it work?

When the skin is exposed to sub-zero blasts of cold air, the body responds by stimulating your sympathetic nervous system. A series of survival mechanisms is activated in reaction to the extreme temperatures. To begin with, blood that would have flown to your skin surface as well as your extremities such as the toes and fingers is redirected to your vital organs. As a result, the blood insulate the vital organs while maintaining core temperature.

What is the benefit of WBC?

Whole body cryotherapy initiates a regeneration process that triggers the natural healing abilities of your body. The benefits are instantaneous and long lasting. Besides, it has holistic rejuvenating health effects that heals and calms your nervous system, energy meridians, and most of all your circulation system. The benefits of whole body cryotherapy include:

Ease away pain and fatigue – Are you a victim of chronic fatigue and pain? If yes, whole body cryotherapy is a perfect solution for you. In fact, there are few known therapies that ease pain and fatigue as whole body cryotherapy. The relief comes instantly and can last for hours to a couple of days after undergoing through a cryotherapy session.

In the past, athletes have been the main group that has benefitted immensely from whole body cryotherapy but the unrivaled and effective results have made it a preferred pain and fatigue therapy treatment. The increased blood flow through vital organs sweeps away pain and fatigue leaving you rejuvenated instantly.

Reduces inflammation – Just as you would apply an ice pack to an injury to reduce pain and inflammation, whole body cryotherapy uses the state-of-the art equipment to reduce inflammation throughout your entire body. Besides, it stimulates your vagus nerves inducing a relaxed feeling as well as blocking away anxiety.

Increases metabolism – During and after a whole body cryotherapy with sub-zero blast of cold air, it would require substantial amounts of energy to restore your initial body temperature. As a result, the body burning a lot of calories, a process that is beneficial to your health especially if you are overweight. Getting lean has numerous health benefits that averts some life threatening chronic diseases.

How does it make you feel afterwards?

The afterwards feeling following a whole body cryotherapy is simply amazing. Imagine an instant sweep of your pain, fatigue and inflammation. You will feel energized and rejuvenated to say the least.

A popular alternative to traditional saunas, infrared saunas use infrared light to promote relaxation and whole-body recovery. Unlike conventional saunas, which create a superficial sweat, infrared saunas use light to heat the entire body and penetrate bellow the skin to promote a deeper, healthier sweat.

Despite its high-tech sounding name, IR saunas use a type of infrared light which is similar to the natural sun rays, but without containing the harmful UV rays. Using infrared saunas has many positive benefits for the body and mind, being particularly popular for its anti-aging effects and its detoxification capabilities.

How Do IR Saunas Work?

Traditional saunas increase body temperature by heating the room’s surface and the air inside of it. Infrared saunas use light to create the same effect on your body, using any of 3 types of electromagnetic radiation – near, mid, and far – instead of heat and steam to do the job. This guarantees that all the heat is directed into your body, instead of dissipating in the air or the room’s surface.

The process by which IR radiation penetrates your body and increases your body temperature is called conversion and is the reason behind the success of infrared saunas. Infrared therapy has been used for many years and has many benefits for both healthy people and patients recovering from illnesses.

What Are The Benefits?

Infrared saunas have many health benefits that go beyond short-term relaxation. The use of infrared therapy is known to promote a stable circulatory system, aids weight loss, and reduce soreness and pain. All of this while sitting comfortably in a dry room without any smoke or steam on the air.

Infrared saunas also promote relaxation and help to de-stress, thanks mostly to the detoxifying effects of infrared light. The deeper sweat generated in these saunas helps to drain toxins from the body, which helps users to relax, improves sleep, and slows down aging by increasing collagen production – which reduces wrinkles and improves the tone of the skin.

Infrared Saunas Are a Healthy Treatment For Many Ailments

Infrared saunas are also recommended by many as a way to help deal with the pain of certain illnesses or pain. IR saunas increase blood circulation, oxygenation, and promote a healthy blood pressure. The same things that can be achieved with regular aerobic exercise can be achieved by patients who can’t run or work out for medical reasons.

How Does It Make You Feel Afterwards?

Using an infrared sauna is a rejuvenating experience. Once you’ve stepped out of the room you will feel like you’ve left all your problems inside, sweating them off during your session. The inner body heat produced by infrared saunas increases your heart rate, sweating, and triggers a relaxation response that gives you the same clarity of mind that light exercise does but without feeling tired of sore when you’re done.

Numerous medical studies show that infrared saunas can help people with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, and arthritis. Besides promoting a healthy sweat, infrared saunas penetrate the skin and treat the joints and muscles directly, which helps to relieve the pain for patients who suffer chronic conditions like fibromyalgia or tendonitis.

Compression therapy is a treatment used by athletes as a way to reduce muscle fatigue and speed up the recovery period between competitions. Although the origins of compression therapy go back to the 1960s, when it was used on hospital patients, it wasn’t until several years later that its use in sports became popularized.

Compression devices use air to increase circulation in the body, therefore helping to eliminate the metabolic waste stored in the muscles and reduce muscle fatigue and soreness. Compression therapy significantly shortens a person’s recovery time. What usually takes 12–24 in normal conditions can be done in a few hours thanks to the use of pneumatic technology.

How Does Compression Therapy Work?

Compression devices use pressurized air to increase the flow of blood reaching your legs, giving oxygen and nutrients to your cells faster than your veins and heart could be capable of pumping on their own. All the fluid and waste accumulated during exercise is drained out of your muscles, while fresh blood replenishes your blood vessels.

Compression therapy uses pneumatic devices which squeeze air-filled chambers to create a massaging action in the legs. The most sophisticated compression boots have several chambers which are filled progressively, starting from the foot and going up to the hip, using the body’s own circulatory system to drain the metabolic waste stored in the muscles.

What Are The Benefits?

Compression therapy is used by everybody from casual triathlon athletes to professional NBA players, as a way to speed up their recovery, improve circulation, and reduce fatigue. Athletes using compression therapy have an advantage over those who don’t, as the quick recovery that they provide allow them to stay competitive during the whole season.

Without metabolic waste products and with fresh blood feeding your muscles you can be competing again the next day without feeling excessively fatigued or sore. This makes compressive therapy a better alternative for resting than traditional modes of recovery, like cool down exercises, because it is conducted at rest and therefore doesn’t require the athlete to keep working his muscles.

How Does It Make You Feel Afterwards?

By getting rid of metabolic waste produced during your workout, compression therapy reduces the inflammation and soreness you feel in your muscles, helping you feel more relaxed and fresh. Which is why the effects of compression therapy have been compared with those of a good massage.

But although a massage can diminish muscle stiffness, compression devices target the venous system itself, which makes it easier to diminish muscle soreness. The best results are obtained when a compression device is used before a deep massage, as this relaxes the muscles even before the massage treatment starts.

Faster Workout Recoveries And Healthier Circulatory Systems

Using compression therapy increases venous return, which helps to speed up the body’s recovery period by helping it to process the metabolic waste quicker. Less soreness and muscle stiffness mean that athletes can compete regularly at near peak levels.

Compression therapy promotes circulation through the whole body, going from the superficial veins to the deepest. Which besides helping athletic performance also makes it extremely beneficial for patients suffering from conditions like Lymphedema, Venous Insufficiency, Deep Vein Thrombosis, and other vascular disorders.

If you’re on the road to becoming the best version of yourself, you’ve probably already started exercising and eating healthy. But, that is sadly not enough. Thanks to numerous breakthroughs in modern science and medicine, we have learned that there is no way a human being can get enough vitamins through diet alone. This is why supplementation has become incredibly popular, but is there anything more efficient than that? Yes, there is and it’s called IV drip therapy.

What is IV Drip Therapy and How Does it Work?

Intravenous therapy, of any kind, is the infusion of liquid substances into a vein. This is the fastest and most efficient way to deliver valuable nutrients throughout the body. IV therapy is used for fluid administration, blood transfusions and to deliver medication. Only recently has it started being used to deliver vitamins and aid people in losing weight and getting fit. On top of that, this form of therapy is often used in anti-aging treatments and for cosmetic enhancements. In short, what used to be Hollywood’s best kept secret has become public knowledge.

How does it all work? Let’s start with vitamin supplementation. Without a doubt – it works. You eat healthy foods or take supplements and your body absorbs them. Sounds great, but what most people don’t know is that they are only partially absorbed into the bloodstream. This is what intravenous drip therapy enables us – it helps those precious vitamins reach the bloodstream directly. Most of these treatments include basic, common vitamins like B and C, but some are a little more complex than that. This depends on what exactly it is that you need and want to achieve. Whether you want to look younger and healthier, oxygenate blood, lose weight, combat acne or whatever else.

Benefits of IV Drip Therapy

Now that we know how it works, let’s see what exactly are the benefits of intravenous drip therapy. IV drip therapy promotes health and wellness by:

  • Jump-starting muscle and tissue recovery
  • Enhancing energy
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Helping the metabolism
  • Accelerating weight loss (if needed)
  • Reducing acne and other skin conditions
  • Making you look younger and healthier
  • Fixing hormonal imbalances

How Does Intravenous Drip Therapy Make You Feel?

You’re probably wondering by now: “How will this therapy make me feel, will I feel anything?” or something like that. We’ve done our best to answer all questions one could have about intravenous drip therapy, but answering this one isn’t as easy. To put it simply, that is a feeling that cannot be properly described. However, we’ll do our best. After having the treatment done you will feel re-energized, rejuvenated and 10 years younger.

This shock of vitamins and other healthy substances does wonderful things for the body, but for the mind too. It will make you feel elevated, but not in a “dirty”, chemical way. It will make you feel relaxed, stress-free and ready to take on new challenges. After you’re done with the treatment, make sure to find a mirror and take a good look at yourself. You will look exactly as you feel – your skin and eyes will glow. That tension in your shoulders and neck will vanish and all the stress that you’ve been carrying for the past years will disappear. Your body and your mind both are craving IV drip therapy.

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