Infrared Sauna Therapy

What is Full-Spectrum Infrared Therapy?

Full-Spectrum Infrared Therapy is a natural treatment that uses different infrared wavelengths to promote a host of health benefits. While other types of electromagnetic radiation treatments, such as sunless tanning, can have a negative effect on the body, Full-Spectrum Infrared Therapy carries no risk whatsoever and is also very comfortable to use.

Infrared Therapy has existed for many years and has typically used a single wavelength in each treatment. But what makes Full-Spectrum Infrared Therapy unique is that it combines near, mid, and far wavelengths to provide a complete treatment for the mind, body, and soul. Due to its healing ability, this technology has been endorsed by many Medical and Dermatological professional associations and is especially recommended for athletes, elderly people, women, obese people, and patients recovering from illnesses or injuries.


What are the benefits?

Full-Spectrum Infrared Therapy promotes all-around body health by improving blood circulation, oxygenation, and low blood pressure. Studies show that people who use infrared saunas at least twice per week are likely to experience similar results to those who exercise on a regular basis, as it makes the heart pump faster, improves cell health, detoxifies the body, and strengthens the immune system.

For those struggling with obesity, Infrared Therapy can help them lose weight, as studies show that a single infrared sauna session can burn as much as 600 calories in a single sitting. This makes it an excellent weight-loss tool since patients can burn the same amount of calories just by sitting and relaxing as they would in a one-hour jog. What's even better is that the effects go beyond the calories burned in a session, since the increased heart rate helps to kick-start the metabolism and causes the body to burn more calories and fat on a regular basis.


Full-Spectrum Infrared Therapy also helps to de-stress, since it uses moderate temperature and therapeutic light to promote relaxation and improved sleep. Besides giving your body a healthy sweat, infrared heat can penetrate skin, joints, and muscles, helping to relieve the pain from chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and tendonitis. Last but not least, infrared treatment slows down aging by stimulating the skin to promote collagen production, therefore reducing wrinkles and improving the skin’s tone.

What should I expect in a session?

Sessions typically last between 15-45 minutes during which the patient’s skin is exposed to near, mid, and far infrared wavelengths. Unlike conventional saunas which use steam to cause the body to sweat at a surface level, infrared heat penetrates the whole body causing a deeper sweat without having to heat up the room to an uncomfortable level. Infrared sauna rooms are typically ventilated, well lighted, and comfortable.

After stepping into the sauna patients can take a seat and relax for the remaining of the session as their body sweats and detoxifies. Increased sweating, heart rate, and relaxation are the most common reactions in the body, which are similar to those experienced in traditional saunas. However, infrared saunas tend to be drier and less humid than steam saunas since they depend on electromagnetic radiation instead of steam to increase the body’s temperature.


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