The Cryotherapy Experts

What is Cryotherapy?

CryoFit co-founder Brian Balli explains what cryotherapy is, how you can benefit from it and what to expect from your first session.

Why CryoFit?

Find out why so many people come to CryoFit to get the best results from a cryotherapy session.

Cryotherapy Sessions
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  • “…I have been amazed at the relief I have been feeling…my rheumatoid arthritis causes constant pain but now I can wake up and actually be in a good mood and feel good! It really does make my day…”
    Melissa Brown
  • “…I feel really good! I’ve had shin splints for 9 weeks and couldn’t even press the gas pedal in my car. I’ve tried everything, but after my third session here it doesn’t hurt at all…”
  • “…I noticed immediately after the first and second session I am sleeping a lot better. That is definitely a bonus! I came here for my originally for my elbow and it feels great. I highly recommend it…”
  • “I have found that it’s performance enhancing, I have had great runs after sessions…”